Where Can I Buy Eel Sauce For Sushi?

Can you buy eel sauce in the grocery store?

Where to Buy Unagi Sauce ( Eel Sauce ) If you want to skip making homemade sauce, you can purchase the bottled one at the condiment section of Japanese grocery stores. You may also find it in well-stocked Asian grocery stores. If that’s not an option, get on Amazon.

Where can I find eel sauce?

You can purchase eel sauce in Japanese supermarkets such as Mitsuwa, Sunrise Mart, and Nijiya Market. You may also find eel sauce in some Asian supermarkets although it’s not a guarantee that you will find it. Eel sauce can also be found at Target sometimes!

Can you buy eel sauce at Walmart?

Kikkoman Unagi Sushi Sauce 11.8 oz.

What can I use in place of eel sauce?

Substitute For Eel Sauce You can substitute Teriyaki sauce if you have it.

Is eel sauce and oyster sauce the same?

While eel sauce is not actually made from eel, oyster sauce is made from oysters. It is a combination of oyster’s natural juices mixed with sugar, salt, and sometimes cornstarch. Oyster sauce is commonly used to flavor some types of sushi but it can not be used as a substitute for eel sauce in all recipes.

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How do you make eel sauce from scratch?


  1. 1/4 cup mirin.
  2. 1/4 cup soy sauce.
  3. 2 tablespoons sake, or Japanese rice wine.
  4. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar.

Why do they call it eel sauce?

Why Is It Called Eel Sauce? It is called eel sauce because it is primarily used for unagi dishes or dishes that consist of eel, rice, and other sides.

What is the black sauce on sushi?

Teriyaki Sauce This is the black and sticky version of soy sauce used for glazing the fish on top of the sushi. It may also be drizzled over the toppings on a California roll (see recipes) to enhance the flavor.

What does eel taste like?

Some say it tastes like a sweet, firm-fleshed white fish, a bit like bass. Cooked properly, eel should be soft, fluffy and flaky, pleasant on the palate and without a fishy or earthy aftertaste. The unagi’s saltwater cousin is slightly less rich and oily, but with a similarly soft texture and sweet taste.

What is sushi sauce made of?

Spicy sushi sauce is literally just a few pantry staples mixed together: mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil. I whisked it together in a bowl and that was it.

What is unagi sauce made of?

Sweet, tangy sauce ideally suited as a marinade or condiment. Simply brush onto the eel prior to cooking for crispy, delicious Unagi. Free of MSGs and artificial ingredients. Made from a traditional recipe comprising Mirin (sweet rice wine), Soy Sauce, sake and sugar.

Is Unagi the same as eel sauce?

Eel Sauce is also known as Unagi, Kabayaki or Nitsume. It is a sauce that goes amazing with grilled fish or even chicken and is used very often as a drizzle over sushi. Savory, sweet and saturated in flavor, this amazing Homemade Unagi or Eel Sauce could be the next dream sauce for your dishes!

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What’s another name for eel?

Synonyms for Eel:

  • bream,
  • bloater,
  • filet.

What is mirin sauce?

Mirin is a Japanese sweet rice wine that lends mild acidity to a dish. It is similar to sake, but is lower in sugar and alcohol, and provides a more umami flavor to savory dishes. It’s a handy ingredient to have in your pantry because many Asian and fusion recipes call for it.

Can you eat eel sauce when pregnant?

Eating eel in pregnancy is usually safe because eel is always served cooked (it’s toxic if it isn’t). Eel sauce is also safe, because it doesn’t contain eel.

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