Persona 3 Portable How To Get Sushi?

Where is sushi Persona 3?

User Info: Han_the_Dragon. In the shrine, at the left of the thing where you pray for academics.

Is Persona 3 Portable worth playing?

totally worth it imo, game is great. Persona 3 Portable is one of the best PSP games I’ve ever played. Sure, there are some features taken away from Persona 3 /FES, but there’s a lot going for it. You get free roam in the dungeon and it’s just like playing the game.

What is the secret menu item at hagakure?

Green. “Question 3: What is the secret menu item at Hagakure?” Hagakure Bowl.

How do I get Oden juice Persona 3?

Talk to girl by Persimmon Tree in school courtyard. She’ll mention special drinks in Kansai. During school trip there buy one of every drink from machine. Trade the drink with her along with some yen (10,000Yen?) and she’ll give you the Oden Juice.

Is Persona 3 FES better than portable?

Portable is better combat, new gender option with new SLs and not as challenging. Also fast travel because lots of walking in FES. The downside is the world is just point and click and all cutscenes are visual novel style which really takes away from the game. FES is better presentation wise and has The Answer.

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Is Persona 3 FES better than Persona 3?

Persona 3 FES is an enhanced rerelease of Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2. The Journey is essentially a slightly-enhanced remake of the original Persona 3, while The Answer is an all-new epilogue that continues the story. The term ” FES ” stems from the word “festival.”

Can you play as a girl in Persona 3?

The PlayStation Portable adaptation of Persona 3 adds an interesting twist: The ability to play as a female. There are plenty of games that let you choose your gender, but few of those that are story-driven. The most relevant issue in player gender choices becomes romance.

How do I start the Moon Social Link in Persona 3?

This social link requires LV. 2 charm and you need to answer questions in this order Pheromone Coffee > Green > Hagakure Bowl, then give him an Odd Morsel from your inventory in order to be started. He’s located at Paulownia Mall, Monday-Saturday.

Where is the beautiful tile in Persona 3?


  • Go to the back alley at Port Island Station and check one of the doors there courage must be maxed out
  • The tile with the peacock is a mahjong tile which can be acquired in the Port Island Outskirts.
  • Check the door, and then pick paper when the guy asks to play rock-paper-scissors.

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