Often asked: How To Roll Sushi In Cooking Fever?

How do I use the sushi cabinet in cooking fever?

The Sushi Cabinet is an appliance in the Sushi Restaurant. It is used to hold premade avocado sushi, tuna sushi, salmon sushi and red caviar. One sushi cabinet is available when players first start level 5 in the Sushi Restaurant. Players have the option of upgrading the sushi cabinet to hold more portions at once.

How do you pass level on cooking fever?

Restaurants are purchased using Gems and Coins you’ve earned (or bought). They each have kitchen equipment and interior items that have to be upgraded (also using Coins and Gems) in order to pass higher levels. New restaurants become available as you increase your XP level.

How do you get the automatic cooker in cooking fever?

Cooking machines are unlocked when players reach a specific level in the restaurant. Cooking machines are only available for 72 hours. Once this offer expires, players will not be given another opportunity to purchase the cooking machine. The cooking machine can be turned on or off in the kitchen upgrades screen.

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How often can you win gems in cooking fever?

On average I spend about 10,000-30,000ish coins to win my gems. Sometimes it’s less. On rare occasions it’s sometimes more. You can only win gems in the Casino every twelve hours so don’t waste your coins trying to get them more often.

How do you get gems in cooking Fever 2021?

Steps to Get More Gems in Cooking Fever You can max earn 7 gems per level. So try to increase your XP regularly. Last but not the least, you should play the casino just after claiming your Daily Income from your restaurants. In every 12 hours you can win 15 gems, so 30 gems in a day you can win through it.

Which cooking fever gives the most XP?

Which restaurants give the most XP in cooking fever? High XP levels can help you to level up faster and earn gems easier. Cafe Mexicana and Corn Dog Van are the best when it comes length of their levels and Thai Food Stall and Sirtaki Taverna gives the highest XP score.

Which restaurants in cooking fever have automatic cookers?

Automatic Food Machines

Restaurant Description Available
Barcelona Sports Bar Automatic Glazed Sticks Cooker Level 27
Hell’s Kitchen Automatic Tuna Cooker Level 27
Ice Cream Parlor Automated waffle maker
Mexican Restaurant Automated meat mincer Level 27


How do you earn gems in cooking fever casino?

Play the casino immediately after you claim your Daily Income from restaurants; place $500 bets until you get 15 gems. Thanks to Duo Kom’Ça, we now know that you can win 15 gems twice per day (exactly every 12 hours apart) in the casino.

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Can you win more than 15 gems in cooking fever?

4) You can win a maximum of 15 gems at the Casino, once per day only (or twice if you play a lot.

How do you get 3 gems in cooking fever casino?

Triple Coin Glitch It is possible to ” win ” triple coins in the casino. One must first win double coins, immediately close the game, and then reopen the game, and the triple gems will appear.

How do you get XP fast on cooking fever?

By replaying a level with a large XP payout, you can quickly increase your XP rating (while also earning coins – not including using treats for extra points). Increasing your XP rating will make more restaurants available to you and will also earn you gems as you advance to the next XP rating.

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