Often asked: How To Reserve Sushi Saito?

How do I book Sushi Saito Hong Kong?

Reservations: For the next three months, on the first day of every month from 10:00am to 2:00pm ( Hong Kong time), we accept reservations via +852 2527 0811. This number operates during the specified days and times only, and reservations are subject to availability.

How do you get a reservation at Den Tokyo?

Please call +81-3-6455-5433 for reservations.

How do you make a reservation in Japan?

If you can speak Japanese, making a reservation is as simple as calling up the restaurant and booking your date, or click-clicking on a restaurant reservation service like those offered by Gurunavi, Hot Pepper, Tabelog and the like.

What is the hardest restaurant to get into?

The Hardest Restaurant Reservations to Get in America

  • Rao’s (New York City )
  • The Restaurant at Meadowood (St.
  • Schwa (Chicago)
  • SingleThread (Healdsburg, California) Grace C./Yelp.
  • Sushi Ginza Onodera (New York City) Bob L./Yelp.
  • Talula’s Table (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) Talula’s Table /Yelp.
  • Wa’z (Seattle) Ashwin R./Yelp.
  • Willow Restaurant, Portland. Joshua C./Yelp.

What is the #1 rated restaurant in NYC?

Best Top-Ranked Restaurants in New York 2021

  • #1. Restaurant Daniel EDITORS CHOICE. #1. Restaurant Daniel.
  • #2. Le Bernardin. #2. Le Bernardin.
  • #3. Aureole. #3. Aureole.
  • #4. Aquavit. #4. Aquavit.
  • #5. Eleven Madison Park. #5. Eleven Madison Park.
  • #6. per se. #6. per se.
  • #7. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. #7. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.
  • #8. Marea. #8. Marea.
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Which restaurant has the longest waiting list?

Check out some of these restaurants from around the world that have insane wait lists.

  • Damon Baehrel, New York. Okay, brace yourself.
  • Noma, Copenhagen. After Damon Baehrel’s wait list, this one might seem like child’s play.
  • Club 33, California.
  • Tickets, Barcelona.

Is Jiro Ono still making sushi?

It was opened at the current place in Ginza in 1965 by Jiro Ono who is the oldest chef (93 years old in 2019) of the three Michelin-starred restaurant. He still serves with his elder son Yoshikazu Ono there. The documentary film Jiro Dreams of Sushi in 2011 made Sushiyabashi Jiro become more famous worldwide.

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